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Moulage Kits

Moulage Wound Kit

Moulage Wound Kit is an inexpensive yet highly educational kit that will step you through the process of creating moulage effects that any Hollywood make-up artist would be impressed with. The “how to” DVD demonstrates how to use the Mortician’s wax, professional make-up, blood, and plastic glass shards included with the set to create detailed, convincing bruises and cuts.

Price: $30.00

Kit Contains:

  • DVD Tutorial
  • 2oz of Stage Blood
  • 4 color Make-up Stack
  • Mortician’s Wax
  • Plastic Glass Shards
  • Make-up Brushes
  • Storage Case
  • Made in USA


Wound Wax Kit

Wound Wax Kit is an inexpensive educational kit that will allow you to create a realistic cut using the Mortician’s wax, liquid make-up, and blood capsule provided with the kit. The “how to” instructions will show how easy it is to make convincing looking wounds.

Price: $9.50

Kit Contains:

  • Mortician’s Wax
  • Blood Capsule
  • Liquid Make-up
  • Made in USA