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Burn Simulation Kit


Ultra Realistic

One of the most difficult and time consuming training scenarios for educators to create for their students is for the care and treatment of extensive burns. Until now!

Train4REAL created a series of ultra realistic burn wounds that include – a superficial wound with blisters, a partial thickness burn, and a full thickness burn. All three burn wounds are included in the simulation kit and can be applied directly to a live role player or a mannequin. The burns are made using the same high quality platinum silicone material that extremely durable and will not fade, or dry out. The kit also includes a 4oz. supply of simulated plasma that can be applied as desired by the instructor.

Product Details

Price: $295.00

Kit Contains:

  • 3 5” x 7” Burn Wounds, 1 each of a Superficial Wound, Partial Thickness Wound, and a Full Thickness Wound.
  • Special 2 part Wound Bond Adhesive used to adhere the burns safely to a live role player or mannequin. Note: The adhesive is mixed 50/50 parts A & B, cures in under 8 minutes. The Wound Bond securely bonds the wound during use, but is easily removed, will not stain, and will not pull skin or hair.
  • 4oz. of pre-made Plasma. Will not mold or mildew.
  • Instructions for Application, Cleaning, and Care
  • Foam Lined Storage box
  • Made in USA

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