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Moulage FX Made Easy


Moulage FX Made Easy

Creating realistic moulage effects is usually thought of as an art that is to be done only by someone that “really” knows what they are doing and is something better off left to the most artistic individuals. Well, our Moulage FX Made Easy changes all of that and allows anyone to be able to create high end looking moulage effects that any Hollywood make-up artist would be impressed with, not to mention your students. Moulage FX Made Easy is 4g Flash Drive loaded with detailed tutorials that will show you how to create burns, cuts, road rash, blisters, hives, and more using common items found laying around the lab, kitchen cupboard, or your purse. You will be using things like eyelash glue, tissue paper, Gummy Bears, eyeliner, old CD cases, and wax. Once the techniques taught in this tutorial are understood the nursing instructor turned moulage artist expert will be able to combine them to create any type of training scenario they choose.

Product Details

Price: $49.95

Kit Contains:

  • Digital Tutorials on a 4G USB Flash Drive which contains a series of easy to understand HD video tutorials showing how to create burns, rashes & hives, blisters, cuts, road rash, busies, and glass impaled wounds.

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