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Cupping Marks

The train4REAL Cupping Mark Simulation Kit allows instructors to show their students what the ancient art of cupping therapy looks like up close. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed to restore the flow of “qi” — the life force, and dates back at least 2,000 years. But now that the tell-tale signs of the treatment are being seen on our Olympic Athletes the level of curiosity and actual practice is quickly increasing.

Our set of 9 Cupping Marks can be easily placed on (and removed from) any mannequin or live roll player to show the end results of the treatment. Made from high quality silicone the Cupping Marks will not dry out or fade and can be reused just about indefinitely.

Provide educational experiences for students that are truly interactive, highly retentive, and fun.

Product Details

Price: $120.00

Kit Contains:

  • 9 Platinum Silicon Wounds
  • 2 Park (A&B) Wound Adhesive – allows for easy removal without harming a mannequin or skin (gentle enough that it won’t even pull hair)

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