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About Us

Pressure Ulcer Mediating Sore

We’re A Different Company

What makes us different is that we decided to become the first company to dedicate themselves to providing highly detailed products that are designed to be totally interactive. We wanted to be able to create tools for you so that your educational experience is as close as it will be for the student in the real world.  train4REAL LLC has brought together a team of highly skilled, professional, Hollywood style Special Make-up Effects Artists, Sculptors, and Mold Makers to create new products using the same materials, manufacturing techniques, and quality as they used on major motion pictures, TV series, and theatrical performances. Our mission is to create the highest quality products in the industry that will allow educators to replicate any real world training scenario they desire and to provide educational experiences for students that are truly interactive, highly retentive, and fun.

Our training aids are designed to be placed directly on a live role player (or mannequin) and have the unique ability to be mediated while oozing pus, blood, or any other type of fluid to practice proper diagnosis and wound care treatment.

train4REAL. llc wounds have been designed and manufactured to the point where they are nearly impossible to tell from an actual case. We pay attention to every detail including skin density, subtle skin textures and color, tissue degradation, even the inclusion of fine hair. All of our products can be easily applied, are re-usable, durable, easily cleaned and most importantly……very cost effective.

A portion of our sales will be donated to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.